Welcome to Palia Love!

This is my little shrine to a game that has brought me a lot of comfort and happiness since I began playing it. I hope you'll find something here to love, and if you decide to play too, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

What is Palia?

Palia is a life sim MMO developed by Singularity 6 for the PC and Nintendo Switch. According to Wikipedia, life sims are about "maintaining and growing a virtual life," usually through an avatar of your own making. In Palia, this means customizing your character, building relationships with non-player characters, building and decorating your home, gardening, fishing, hunting, foraging, mining, cooking, bug catching, and furniture making, among other activities. One of the reasons I love Palia so much is that it's largely stress-free. You don't have a limited time in which to accomplish tasks before the day ends, and the stamina meter is an experience modifier rather than a capped resource.

One of the most unique aspects about Palia is that it's a life sim with an online community! You'll see other players traversing the world alongside you, and you can join up with them to accomplish certain tasks or visit each other's homes. I mostly play solo, but I'm open to making friends. When I get the chance, I love participating in cake parties, where multiple players gather at one player's house to make celebration cakes together, and helping each other out at flow tree groves, which require more than one person to harvest. Players can also drop honey lures for everyone, initiating a little bug-catching party. The multiplayer aspects are a lot of fun!

Palia is free to play, and it's still being worked on, with more content to come in the future. The developers are good about adding shrines, which offer some platforming gameplay and extra items to collect, and hosting seasonal events, among other updates. There's plenty of engaging content at the moment, and it keeps me coming back for more!